Watch the videos below to learn more about our pool lifts

Our lifts fall into five categories:

  • Portable Lifts – These lifts are build to the same strict standards as our Commercial Series Lifts, are designed to be moved to and from the poolside–or between multiple nearby pools in some circumstances–and come in both 375 lb and 450 lb capacities.
  • Superior Series Lifts – Superior Series lifts are our lightest duty lifts and can support up to 350 lbs.  This lift is ideal for lighter duty and individual uses.
  • Proformance Series Lifts – The 375 lb capacity of the Proformance Series Lift fits most standard pool applications and comes standard in a right-hand configuration.
  • Commercial Series Lifts – These lifts come in both 375 lb and 450 lb capacities and come standard with right-hand seat position.
  • Rotational Series Lifts – The Rotational Series Lifts come in two versions–one designed for extended reach and the other extended height.  They are best used for above ground pool applications and can support 375 or 450 lbs standard.

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