Superior Series Extended Reach Lift – SXR

Superior Series Extended Reach Pool Lift

Download Owner’s Manual — PDF, 4.38 MB

Standard Features

  • ADA Compliant Pool Lift
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Lift Capacity 350 lbs
  • Battery Powered 24 volt system
  • User Friendly controls
  • 5-year Structural Warranty
  • Arm Rests
  • Foot Rest
  • Safety Seat Belt
  • UPS Packaging for easy shipping
  • Used for spas and pools
  • UV Resistant
  • Right Seat Application
  • Includes Battery Charging Station
  • Sleeve Anchor System (Optional)

The new Superior Series SXR Extended Reach Lift is specifically designed for spas and pools requiring additional reach and is capable of clearing benches or gutters up to 20” wide.

Superior SXR Lift Options

Superior SXR

Superior Series SXR Installation

Superior Extended Reach Owners Manual

SXR Lift Cover ti-motion-battery
    Protective Lift Cover        Extra 24-Volt Battery

Superior Series Lifts are Patent Pending

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