Yoga for Individuals with Disabilities

disability yogaYoga is one of the most popular forms of relaxation practiced all around the world. It can improve flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina, as well as reduce anxiety and stress, improve mental clarity and even help you sleep better. These benefits are incredibly important to a quality lifestyle, training your mind, body and breath. While this is important to any individual, it is incredibly crucial for those with disabilities.

Yoga can be extremely important for individuals with disabilities or chronic health conditions. The physical postures and breathing techniques can help alleviate pain through relaxation and controlled breathing. Each pose is adaptable to meet the needs of the individual students, adjustable to fit any limitations that they may have. Yoga asanas can be performed while sitting in a chair or wheelchair, making it ideal for individuals with disabilities. There are also specific yoga classes designed for people with disabilities, with more adaptations and more active instructors to provide assistance as needed.

Yoga can help develop muscles, help with digestion, improve breathing, and even take away some pain. While these benefits aren’t always consistent, many patients are discovering that yoga has had a positive impact on their lives.

There is a program, Yoga for the Special Child, which is dedicated to helping babies and children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities benefit from yoga. This program helps to empower these individuals and help them achieve goals within the program, while building strength and increasing relaxation. They work with these individuals to help them have increased body awareness and strength and improve coordination and concentration. Yoga can be an excellent supplemental exercise for those individuals with disabilities to help promote a more positive outlook on life through achievements and forms of relaxation.

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